a new deal fights the depression

A new deal fights the depression guided reading

A new deal fights the depression guided reading

A new deal fights the depression guided reading – During the 1930s, the Great Depression left the United States in a state of great economic hardship and social turmoil. In response, President Franklin D. Roosevelt launched a series of programs and policies that collectively came to be known as the New Deal. This comprehensive initiative aimed to stimulate the economy and alleviate the suffering of millions of Americans who lost their jobs and struggled to make ends meet.

The New Deal Comprised

The New Deal comprised a vast range of initiatives, from public works projects and financial reforms to social welfare programs and labor protections. Its ultimate goal was to establish a more equitable and stable economy that would benefit all Americans, not just a privileged few.

However, implementing the New Deal was no mean feat. It required the massive effort of the federal government, as well as the cooperation and support of the American people. This is where guided reading came in, as it played a crucial role in educating and empowering citizens to take control of their lives and their communities.

Guided Reading Materials

Guided reading materials were distributed throughout the country, providing information on a broad range of topics, such as financial literacy, job training, and social welfare programs. These materials were designed to be accessible to people of all backgrounds and education levels, using simple language and clear graphics to convey important concepts and ideas.

The core principles

One of the core principles of the New Deal was the concept of “shared sacrifice.” Americans were called upon to work together and make sacrifices for the common good, with the understanding that everyone would benefit from a more stable and equitable economy. Guided reading materials helped to explain this concept and encourage people to participate in the programs and policies of the New Deal.

The Civilian Conservation Corps

For instance, a guided reading brochure on the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) elaborated on how young men could sign up for the program and work on public lands projects such as building parks and improving water resources. The brochure highlighted the advantages of participating in the CCC, such as gaining valuable job skills and earning a steady income while contributing to the common good.

Spending habits and financial literacy

In addition to promoting responsible spending habits and financial literacy, guided reading materials fostered a sense of community and social responsibility. By promoting the idea of shared sacrifice and encouraging people to participate in programs such as the Works Progress Administration (WPA), which employed millions of people in public works projects, the New Deal helped to build a sense of solidarity and mutual support among Americans.

The Crucial Role

Guided reading also played a crucial role in promoting financial stability and fair business practices. Brochures on programs such as the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and the National Recovery Administration (NRA) explained how these programs would help to stabilize the banking industry and promote fair business practices. They also emphasized the importance of saving money and avoiding risky investments, which helped to prevent another financial crisis.


Overall, guided reading proved instrumental in the success of the New Deal programs and policies. By providing accessible and engaging educational materials, the federal government was able to empower citizens to take control of their lives and their communities while promoting economic stability and social welfare. In these times of economic and social challenges, the New Deal can serve as a model for how guided reading and other forms of public education can help build a more equitable and just society for all.

A new deal fights the depression guided reading


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